Fraubopper Sculptor 0.9.2 Released


Version 0.9.2 of Fraubopper Sculptor – our spectral delay VST plugin was released. Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the plugin from saving state.
  • Spectrum analyzer now displays both pre and post processing spectrum.
  • Information about x and y axis values are displayed near the mouse pointer in the editing windows.
  • Display how many days remain until expiration in the main window.

You can download on our Downloads page.


Fraubopper Sculptor 0.9.1 released for Linux and Windows

Version 0.9.1 of Fraubopper Sculptor spectral delay VST plugin was released for Linux and Windows platforms with the following changes:

* Added a notifier for beta release besides the version number.
* Significant improvements to performance. In most cases CPU consumption should be reduced by 3 times.
* Improved spectrum analyzer.
* Linux 32-bit, 64-bit and Windows 32-bit versions added.

You can download it here.

Fraubopper Sculptor 0.9 beta for Linux (amd64) released

Fraubopper Sculptor is a spectral delay plugin that you can use to drastically (or subtly) alter audio. It divides incoming audio in to 512 frequency bands and allows you to apply a separate delay effect on each of the bands. Each delay has it’s own pre- and post-gain controls, delay time and feedback amount. All these parameters can be conveniently edited graphically.

You can find the beta in the Downloads page.